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QuickBooks Professional

Course Price


Course length

30 Hours

About the course

We are offering a Quick Books Course in Hyderabad that will teach you how to navigate QuickBooks, create a company file, set up inventory, work with vendors (writing checks, paying bills) and customers (creating invoices, receipts, receive payments), managing payroll, doing bank reconciliation and creating reports. These topics will give you a great start for managing your business with QuickBooks or enhancing your career opportunities.

This is a great course for someone looking for a job that requires the use of QuickBooks. The class will cover all the common day to day transactions needed by businesses. You will also learn how to perform monthly tasks such as reconciliation and customized reports.

This is also a great class for someone looking to learn and setup QuickBooks for his or her small business.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Entering transactions faster
Lesson 2: Advance items management
Lesson 3: Advance customer job management
Lesson 4: Advance vendor management
Lesson 5: Importing and exporting
Lesson 6: Customizing forms
Lesson 7: Security and networking
Lesson 8: Advance payroll
Lesson 9: Advance options
Lesson 10: Budgets
Lesson 11: Fixing Errors

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