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Welcome to the Students On-line Learning Resources.

Impact Education is pleased to introduce On-line Learning Resource facility for the student of Smart Accountant, HR Professional, Excel Professional, Tax Professional with an objective to provide good quality education uniformly.



Students are advised to make good use of these On-line Learning Resource to gain better understanding of the subjects of study.   

The On-line Learning Resource facility is designed to supplement the study materials 

Study Material

  1. Excel Professional

  2. E-Commerce

  3. Excel Videos

  4. Reference Material on Business Terminology

  5. Payroll in Tally ERP 9

  6. Tally ERP9 shortcut 

  7. Smart Accountant

  8. Convert number to text 

  9. GST Material

  10. Digital Marketing

Sample Data File for Practice 


  1. Sales Report 

  2. Employee Data

  3. Sample Super Store Data

  4. Car Data

  5. SPSS Data & Project

  6. Sample Sales Data

  7. Data for Power Query & Pivot

Books for Reference

  1. Beyond-Excel-How-to-Use-Data-Analytics-for-IA-EN-2

  2. Business analytics for managers_ taking business intelligence beyond reporting 

  3. Microsoft Excel and Business Data Analysis for The Busy Professional 

  4. Power Pivot and Power BI.  The Excel User’s Guide to DAX, Power Query, Power BI & Power Pivot in Excel 2010-2016 

  5. The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid 

  6. The Art of Winning an Unfair Game | Movie Money Ball is adapted from this book. 

  7. UsingBenfordsLaw_2018_final_extract

  8. ASAP Utility- Time Saving Tools  |  Idea Software for Fraud & Mistake Detections

Videos/Session Recordings

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