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Excel is often called the “Swiss Army knife of software” or the “second-best solution” because you can do practically anything in Excel, but it’s not always the best tool for the job. 

Course Outline:

Basic Concept | Mathematical Function | Logical Functions | Statistical Function  Financial Function | Macro's | Power Excel Tools | ASAP Utilities | Using Excel as Audit Tool | | Dashboard Creation | Data Analysis

Course Duration:

30 Hours/ 15 Days

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Derivative and Risk Management is a much sought after sector.This is true not only in Inia but worldwide. A variety of derivatives have flooded the Indian stock market since the turn 21st century and on going globalization and opening up of economy.Being booming sector, a lot of potential lies unearthed in this arena.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Derivatives | Application of Futures & Options | Online Trading | Valuation Methodology | Free Demat Account

Course Duration:

30 Hours/15 Days

Data Analysis
Power BI & Tableau

Power BI

Power BI the new analytics tools in Excel make it easy to conduct manipulate and gain insights from big data. Power BI extends the use of pivot tables with a data model and offers improved data summarization and cross-tabulation and advanced calculations. Power Query retrieves data from a variety of sources can be cleaned up before being added to data model. Power BI create interactive dashboards.

Tableau Software

In the field of Business Intelligence, Tableau is emerging as one of the hottest trends. The demand for professionals with Tableau experience is on the rise as the data visualisation tool is gaining much popularity in companies of all stature, big or small. Even Google trends indicate a high demand for careers with Tableau, especially if you intend to build your career in data visualisation. Getting yourself certified during the high demand, will help you take advantage of Tableau career opportunities and progress in the field of business intelligence.

The soaring demand for Tableau is not sudden, there is a logic behind it. We are currently generating great amounts of data, almost 50 times more than what was being generated, say 8-9 years ago.


The SPSS Essentials concentrates on the most common topics that we see researchers using on a daily basis. When you are finished with this class you will be able to create a data file and entering data, conduct preliminary Analyses, use graphs to describe and explore the data, Manipulate the data, Check the reliability of a scale, apply correlations, significance tests, and regression analysis.

Course Outline:

Introduction | Preliminary Analysis | Graphs | Correlation | Significance Test | Regression Analysis

Course Duration:

30 Hrs/ 15 Days

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